Hey guys!! Life's hectic right now, but I'm working on a research project for a class. I would really like for you guys to take the survey. It's really short, I promise! I just ask that you be at least 18 to respond (legal reasons, of course). Here's the survey: Measuring Authority. I'll be back…Read more Survey!

Religious Literacy

Hey guys, I'm conducting another study!  This time, it's inspired by a "Religion" class I'm taking.  This particular class is addressing the religious literacy of America, and the textbook makes some interesting claims and insights.  So, I thought I'd investigate a bit. If you are interested, here is the link: Religious Literacy.  Because I am…Read more Religious Literacy

Religion and Politics: Survey Results

*I want to dedicate this post to every single person who completed my survey.  Your responses helped me test my hypotheses, and understand the relationship between religion and politics.  I am forever grateful to every single one of you.  Thank you.* I started this study with the aim to analyze the connection between religious beliefs…Read more Religion and Politics: Survey Results