Writing Prompt 5: Family Photo

Prompt 5: Select a family photo, then write about the things you can't see in the picture. This is a fun prompt for me, as I can explore pictures of my immediate family and my "new" family with my husband.  I could take more fictitious routes with this prompt, and create stories about what was going on…Read more Writing Prompt 5: Family Photo

World Travels and Wedding Bells

Hello friends.  How has your summer been?  Mine has been a whirlwind of crazy experiences and life-changing moments. I studied in Italy for about a month. *I studied at a school in Perugia Italy, and I got to visit Assisi, Florence, Pompeii, Capri, Ischia, and Rome.  Italy is a beautiful country.* My family and I…Read more World Travels and Wedding Bells

Be a Traveler, not a Tourist.

Hey, guys, I'm studying in Italy! It's absolutely beautiful here, and I'm exploring and learning so much! I'm staying here for an extended period of time, the entire month of June actually. It's really cool that I can kind of put my roots down for a few weeks in one spot, because the last time…Read more Be a Traveler, not a Tourist.

Most Influential Images of All Time

I recently purchased a physical copy of Time Magazine's 100 Photographs: The Most Influential of All Time.  It's a fabulous collection- with beautiful and heart-breaking images.  Some made my heart hurt, and others made me happy.  The collection included images such as the Frame 313, Migrant Mother, Flag Raising on Iwo Jima, The Face of Aids, Tank…Read more Most Influential Images of All Time

Days of Cheer: My Favorite Things

I know this blog series is about my favorite things during the holidays.  But in writing about my favorite big things, I'm missing the little things.  And as my family and I were sitting around the Christmas tree this evening after the Christmas Eve service, I realized that I love the little things more than…Read more Days of Cheer: My Favorite Things

Days of Cheer: Christmas Lights and Straight No Chaser

Okay.  I know I'm already a day behind.  But I couldn't write yesterday's post until late in the evening, and by then I didn't have the physical energy or mental stamina to write a post.  And today, well, I didn't feel like doing much of anything, besides napping with my cat. So, with out further ado,…Read more Days of Cheer: Christmas Lights and Straight No Chaser