World Travels and Wedding Bells

Hello friends.  How has your summer been?  Mine has been a whirlwind of crazy experiences and life-changing moments. I studied in Italy for about a month. *I studied at a school in Perugia Italy, and I got to visit Assisi, Florence, Pompeii, Capri, Ischia, and Rome.  Italy is a beautiful country.* My family and I…Read more World Travels and Wedding Bells

Collection of Beautiful Things (V)

I have been in a really happy mood recently.  It feels like my soul has wings and is bursting forth towards the heavens.  (If you've read one of my most recent posts, you can probably guess why.). The world is beautiful and rosy and shimmering in magic. On my phone, I have a collection of screenshots. …Read more Collection of Beautiful Things (V)

I do something rather unglamorous.

I do something unglamorous. And honestly, I love every minute of it. At my church, I am part of a program that works to provides aide and help for kids with disabilities, while also creating a safe and inclusive space for them to learn and grow.  I have been a part of this group for at…Read more I do something rather unglamorous.

Collection of Beautiful Things (IV)

It's been a rough couple of weeks for me.  An intensive semester of classes, issues at work, and a couple stressful relationships.  I'm in a bit of an emotional slump, and am having a hard time not curling up in my bed for the next few days, and ignoring all responsibilities. The nasty thing, though, is…Read more Collection of Beautiful Things (IV)

Days of Cheer: “Christmas Time is Here”

I'm so excited for Christmas.  Second only to Fall, this is my favorite time of the year.  I love the comfy, cozy feel of winter evenings.  I love the carols and the smells.  I love baking (and eating) Christmas cookies.  But more than anything, I love the joy that hugs the world this time of year.…Read more Days of Cheer: “Christmas Time is Here”

Collection of Beautiful Things (III)

I made myself rather worked up this morning.  On Facebook, I read a woman's response to the comments made by Mr. Trump.  I totally agreed with her, and I wanted to write my own response to those comments.  I was really to the point of sitting down and writing an open letter to Mr. Trump. …Read more Collection of Beautiful Things (III)