I have this fear.

*Tomorrow, students across the nation with walk out of their classes, to make a stand against gun violence, and to petition for safer schools. These are my thoughts.* I am petrified. Never before have I ever felt a fear like this. I'm terrified that a mass shooting will happen again, but this time, in an…Read more I have this fear.

At this point in my life.

I recently started a new job. And though I'm still in the training phase, this job makes me happy. It satisfies that part of my soul. It's a huge company that provides services to people with disabilities, with services ranging from day programs, child care, and residential aid. (I'm currently a residential aid.) But here's…Read more At this point in my life.

Into the Storm

Trump: was just endorsed by Ted Cruz Clinton: Parkinson's/pneumonia Charlotte: continued protests, though no longer violent Aleppo: 2 million people without water and unequipped hospitals I don't know about you, but this world seems scarier and more heartbreaking each day.  Seeing families bleeding and dying in Aleppo makes me cry.  The rioting and hatred in…Read more Into the Storm