My tips and tricks for traveling

HB and I have had a wild first year of marriage, let me tell you what. To top off this year, I spent the day after our anniversary in the ER and had surgery the following morning. (I knew the surgery was coming, but I guess my body scheduled it before I could.) Our wedding…Read more My tips and tricks for traveling

Seeds to Sequoia // Seasons (II)

In January, I shared a bit of what was going on in my life. At the time of writing, I was not sure when the resolution, or healing, would come; the foreseeable future felt dark and uncertain. Concluding that post, I indicated that writing out my heart was forming a sort of closure for me,…Read more Seeds to Sequoia // Seasons (II)

Things I’m Learning.

I've entered a really cool time in my life, guys. I graduated from college a few weeks ago. I just started my (first) full-time job. I've all but figured out where I'll be completing my Master's degree. And, did I mention I'm getting married in less than four months? My life, and soul, has felt…Read more Things I’m Learning.