Who Am I?

FB_IMG_1463363829435I am Julia, an explorer of all things.  I love reading good books, and going on adventures.  I have a passion for psychology, and for trying to understand this perfectly messy world we call home.  I question and wonder, pursue and challenge. I’m not afraid to get a little confused, and I’m not afraid to be still and just be.  I love things that make me think, and that touch some hidden place in my soul.

Fidelis Diem is, in a sense, my anthem.  In Latin, it translates to ‘faithful day’.  Simply put, ‘faithful day’ is my hope of truth, knowledge, and the hope of a Fahrenheit 451-esque revival.   A revival of deep thoughts, deep conversations, and deep wonder.  A revival of inquiry and intelligence.  A revival of truth and realness.

With that being said, thanks for stopping by, and let’s explore together. 🙂

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