Writing Prompt 14: Personality through a cup

Day 14: Think of a person and describe his or her personality through writing about a cup they often drink from (real or imagined).

A white gloved hand reached into the cupboard, retrieving her cup.  A clean, white rag, wiped down the inside and the outside, and placed it, upside down, on the waiting silver tray, along with the accompanying saucer and spoon.  The tray was laden with biscuits, tea pot, sugar and cream, and a second tea cup.  A second pair of white gloves picked up the tray, with a perfectly still balance, picked up the tray and walked through a series of richly dressed rooms.  Other sets of white gloved hands opened doors, and golden sunlight streamed through windows.  At a final set of doors, a white gloved hand knocked on a closed door, and after gaining admittance, the tray moved into the room and was placed on a small table between two chairs.  A delicate hand, with pale pink fingernails and a small golden ring and simple diamonds, turned the cup upside down, and poured tea into the cup.  While stirring cubes of sugar into the tea, a knock on the door interrupted the hand.

              “Lord Beverett, from Ministry of Finance, Your Majesty.” 

              “Ah, welcome.  Would you care for a cup of tea?” 

She placed the cup down on it’s saucer after taking a sip, and a bright red ring of lipstick lined the top of her cup.

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