Writing Prompt 11: Described to a Stranger

Day 11: How would your friends describe you to a stranger?


Truthfully I hate questions like this, because how can I begin to understand how my friends and close family perceive me?  Is how I see myself how everyone else does?


She is very eclectic, and perhaps hard to place into a box.  She does not stray from the theological or philosophical conversations; rather, she enjoys having those conversations.  She especially enjoys conversations about her faith, wrestling with the things she believes and talking about why she believes what she believes. One might even begin to label her the beginnings of a Christian apologetic.  While everyone else her age was reading The Hunger Games, she was reading Jane Eyre, The Color Purple, and the like.  Her book preference is all over the place.   She enjoys books on Christian theology, dystopian stories, fairy tale re-telling, treasure -hunting adventure, and she’s a massive sucker for old printings of stories.  One of her favorite hobbies is looking for old books at antique stores, books that have sat on someone’s selves for decade.  For example, she as a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer that, though it doesn’t have a print date, there is a note in the front cover indicating it was a Christmas gift to a young boy in the 1940’s.  She enjoys historical dramas, the less soap opera-y, the better, preferably the ones that are more historically accurate than not.  Though she does also really enjoy campy murder mystery shows once and awhile as well.  She can’t stand reality TV (she finds all those shows, including the Kardashians, incredibly superficial and annoying); she prefers things that make her think.  For example, she really enjoys Black Mirror, and working over all of the different conversation that show presents.  Her music taste is just as eclectic; she enjoys blues, bluegrass, soul, Christian worship (worship music specifically), and she really does not like popular musicians and singers.  (She also really doesn’t understand the allure of Beyoncé …. ).  She believes there is a difference between being able to sing well, and truly being an artist with the craft. I guess if you’re asking appearance wise – she is so not tall (some would say fun-sized), has brown hair and hazel eyes, and she’s beginning to pursue the ideas of getting tattoos, dying her hair, and maybe getting her nose pierced.  She really enjoys challenging herself, and does not want to be stagnant for the rest of her life.


Ehhhhh ….. I don’t like that …. what do you guys think?  How would you answer this prompt?

Ciao for now,

Xx Julia

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