Writing Prompt 10: Set

Prompt: The word  set has over 440 different uses in the English language.  Challenge yourself to fill this space using set in as many ways as possible.

In the beating sun and sweaty silence, the announcer’s electronic screech, “game, set, match!” began the next wave of the game.

“Chile, where’d ya set them bags? They has the food in ’em.” Gramma hobbled into the kitchen, her walking stick clicking on the ground.

When they discovered, at the absolute last minute possible, that their surrogate was expecting twins, they made a mad dash to the store to buy matching sets of everything.

Due to the sudden fighting between band members, the set list for that evening’s show was argued over up until showtime.

She was one of those moms, the kind that get their fingers involved intimately with her children’s extracurricular activities.  This year, she took on the task of painting the set for the musical her daughter was in, and it may have been more than she was expecting.

He was defeated; it was written in the fold of his hands, the set of his shoulders, the curve of his neck, the turn of his lips.  He had fought valiantly, but it just wasn’t enough, and he must now face the fallout.


This was hard, as I suddenly found myself repeating uses of the word, and it became hard not to do that.

What do you guys think?  What uses can you come up with?

Ciao for now,




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