Writing Prompt 7: Funniest/strangest thing

Prompt 7: Think over the past week.  What was the funniest or strangest thing you witnessed?

This week has actually been rather bleak and stressful for me, and the fact that Christmas is ticking ever closer has been making my anxiety and stress build like wild.  That being said, I spend a morning in a preschool this week.  (Like why I’m stressed and anxious, this will be revealed in time.)

While I was at the preschool, I spent some time in a classroom, and I happened to see a baby doll laying in a “play” kitchen sink.  I think this was the strangest thing I saw this week, and given that I haven’t spent a lot of time with kids in recent years, this sight brought back all manner of silly things I’ve heard and seen over the years from babysitting and helping in kid’s ministry at church.

While cleaning up at the end of one night several years ago, I found a dinosaur toy in a Barbie dress.  This was a fascinating look at whatever type of play the children had been engaging in, and it gave me and the other girl I was babysitting with a good laugh.

I was told a child not to put a baby doll on the grill.  That was a fun one, as I overheard some kids laughing about doing it, and looking up, I saw a child actually placing a baby doll on a “play” grill, or maybe even an oven.  Kids are wild beasts that for sure ……

A little girl once told me that her younger brother would do whatever she said because “I own him”.

These fun little memories have been really fun to look back over this week!

What about you guys?  What is something funny or strange you experienced this week?

Ciao for now,



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