Writing Prompt 6: Family Photo, con’t

This prompt made me laugh, as this was the exact creative avenue I was thinking about pursuing when I wrote the first post from yesterday.  Instead of being more reflective and focusing on my memories, I can make stories about who I see in the pictures!

Prompt 6: Using the same photo[s] from yesterday, describe the people in the picture as if you’re seeing them for the first time.  

Side note: This is going to be tricky to do as the pictures I used were from my wedding day, so parsing my emotions from the day from what I see will be a fun challenge.


This is a picture from a wedding day.  It looks like this is a happy family.  This is a family that is a touch classy, and maybe aren’t very touchy-feely.  There appear to be two sons in this family, and based o facial structures, the bride is the fifth (present) member of the family.  The girl in blue must also be important to the family, if she is in the picture as well. (My note: She is my brother’s fiance, and we’re all so stoked for their wedding!)


This is another picture of the bride and groom; the bride appears to be youngish.  They look happy but also tired.  The groom almost looks uncomfortable (my note: my dear husband doesn’t really like getting pictures taken and after about the third picture, his smiles start to get smaller and smaller ….).  This picture also offers a small glimpse at who they are as a couple; the bride is shorter, they have a slight sophistication in their style, they got married at a venue that had lush gardens, etc.

Okay, dang, this was a hard prompt for me.  It’s hard to re-write people I know and to tell stories about people without using my familiarity ………

What do you guys think?  Could you do this?  If so, how would you do it?

Ciao for now,




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