Writing Prompt 5: Family Photo

Prompt 5: Select a family photo, then write about the things you can’t see in the picture.

This is a fun prompt for me, as I can explore pictures of my immediate family and my “new” family with my husband.  I could take more fictitious routes with this prompt, and create stories about what was going on behind the camera, but I figured I could use this time to further remember my wedding day haha!


This picture was taken during cocktail hour, and I remember we were trying to “rush” to get family pictures done so we could move on to the bridal party pictures and then on to pictures with my husband and I before we all had to enter the reception.  We had decided to take pictures very near the ceremony site, and the chairs were still set up and the bridal party had crashed there waiting for their turn.  There were two photographers taking pictures, and then my aunt was standing near by holding drinks for me.  I remember hearing the bridal party laughing and talking while this picture was being taken.  My grandparents, on both sides of the family, were also standing beside the photographers taking pictures as well.  I could also hear some music and babble coming from the cocktail hour area.  I also remember seeing my youngest brother’s girlfriend standing awkwardly out of frame, waiting for us to be done so the two of them could wonder down to cocktail hour for snacks.  I also remember seeing some guests run back down the aisle towards the cocktail hour, and I remember being confused about that.


So, at this point, it was just my husband, me, the videographers, the photographers, and my aunt who was holding my bouquet.  I remember everyone else was down at cocktail hour.  We were kind of just wondering around the property for the remaining time we had before the reception began, finding different locations to take pictures.  This garden area is actually what was behind our officiant during our ceremony.  I remember being unsure what time it was, and just wanting a quiet moment alone with my husband to take it all in, but knowing the videographers and the photographers were just doing their jobs, so I knew I had to wait.   I remember hearing some of the songs the string quartet were playing for cocktail hour and I remember being really happy with the pieces we chose.

This was a fun little journey into my memories, and I think I’ll come back to this prompt in the future and explore possible fictitious scenes behind the camera.

How would you guys do this prompt – fact or fiction?  Which images would you chose?

Ciao for now,




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