Writing Prompt 2: Character Sketch

Whelp, this is a good start.  I get started on a daily writing challenge, and then fall of the face of the Earth.  I’m blaming work for this one and the lovely anxiety it has caused me the past few days.

Prompt 2: Studies have shown that thousands of personality traits can be linked to handwriting.  For example, crowded letters indicate a person who has no concern for personal space.  Use a handwriting sample to inspire a character sketch.

Pippa Journey is shy with her words.  She is afraid of speaking out.  This snippet from her investigative journals indicates this timidness, through the light pen strokes.  However, because many letters seem to flow together, Pippa has a powerful mind, quick in thought and in investigation.  Pippa’s writing indicates a history, but also a wild, unconscious determination to be heard. (5/7/17)

When Pippa is investigating a story and interviewing people, her thoughts move across the page, strung tightly together.  She is perceptive in her word choice, getting to the depth of issues without adding or subtracting context or materials.  When she gathers her notes together for a story, her printed articles are confident and well spoken, thoughtful and intelligent.  Her writing is in stark contrast to her shy, insecure, quiet personality.

NOTE:  Pippa is a character that I am still developing, and her story will be a hard one for me to write, as her story is one that I feel needs to be done carefully and sensitively.  The main character in the story I am presently writing is pretty much me, so she has been easy to write, whereas Pippa’s story has trauma, trauma that I have never known.  She will be, I think, one of my favorite characters to write, because from her conception, her character arc has been my favorite.

typewriterWhat about you guys?  Do you have any character sketches developed?  If so, how would you describe their handwriting?

Ciao for now,

Julia Xx

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