Things I Believe

In the past few days, I have encountered several situations and conversations that have made me wrestle with what I believe. I think this is important, as it is in the wrestle that we hold on tighter. I think, also, that it is important for us to name the things we believe and to be constantly evaluating them.

These are my beliefs. You have yours. That is what makes this world beautiful; our different perspectives and beliefs come from our experiences, and help us to have constructive conversations about how to help society. Please respect my beliefs, and I will always respect yours. Let us engage in conversations about the things we don’t agree on, instead of flinging hate around.

I believe that, based on the theologies of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, these religions cannot co-exist. Anyone who claims these religions can, does not have a grasp on what it means to believe in a “one true God”.

I believe that if a “friend” on social media, a particular TV show, a particular book, or a particular lifestyle habit is affecting your mental health and knocking you off kilter, it is totally okay to stop following, stop watching, stop reading, and stop doing.

I believe that though it may be empirically difficult to prove the existence of God, it is just as difficult to empirically disprove the existence of God.

I believe that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments are historically and archeologically supported. (Look here and here, if you are curious why.)

I believe my future and my success is based solely on me; my motivation, my determination, my work ethic, my financial maturity, and my abilities.

I believe that my life is my responsibility, and my maturity is dependent on my willingness to own up to my mistakes, and accept the consequences of my actions, whether they be good or bad.

I believe that when my husband and I get pregnant, whether it is planned or unplanned, I no longer can think just about me. I believe that in that moment, someone else’s well-being and survival are dependent on me.

I believe this conversation about abortion is being talked about in two, conflicting ways. There is no way to create a cohesive, equal, respectable, and constructive conversation about this topic when one side is yelling about reproductive rights, and the other side is screaming about the sanctity of life. Until common ground is found, there will be no conclusion, and no one will be swayed to the other side.

I believe there is no place for emotions in conversations that are already big issues. Emotions pull at the heart strings instead of allowing the mind to focus on the logic and science of the issues.

I believe laws should not be created for the small, inconclusive exceptions.

I believe laws should not be created based on loud, screaming emotions.

I believe there is no war on women.

I believe that it is not the government’s job to create laws to take care of every detail of its people’s lives. I believe that it each of our individual responsibility to help where and when we can.

I believe that there are more good people in this world than the media gives credit.

I believe that the loud voices overshadow the quiet, giving false illusions as to how many quiet there are.

I believe that each political party is not “evil”; we are each trying to understand the world through our experiences, and thus, trying to create a world that we think is the best.

I believe that socialism is unable to be implemented while humans still live on this Earth. Socialism requires that no one is greedy, selfish, and that no one wants to better themselves. I believe that no amount of trying in multiple different countries will make it work.

I believe the Earth is round.

I believe travel is good for the soul, and for understanding the world.

I believe that government and religion should be separated. However, I believe that with this separation, a nation-wide agreeable set of morals needs to be in place.

I believe colleges and universities are no place for politics, unless the topics can be presented in an unbiased, cohesive way to the curriculum.

I believe college is not the only way to succeed in the world, though it does improve the chances.

I believe there is only one God.

I believe evolution doesn’t answer “how we got here”, nor does it satisfy my questions about the universe.

I believe climate change is a theory and not a definitive. I believe there is no way to accurately measure and study the weather over thousands of years, in order to create an understanding of the climate. I believe we should take care of our earth, but I believe humans aren’t near big enough to destroy it completely.

I believe pop music is really bad.

I believe conversations across aisles are good for the souls.

I believe love is powerful and God is good.

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