She is woman, and that is enough.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon Ariana Grande’s new song “God is a woman”.  Of course, as a Christian, I had an incredibly visceral reaction to the song, and consequent music video.  I have a lot of thoughts about this piece, and I will probably craft them into a post in a few days.  

The visual statements made in the music video, and the very different theme of the song, presented the overall subject matter of the piece as a sexualized feminist song. 

I haven’t written poetry in many years; I used to write a ton if it in middle school.  But, while processing through Ariana’s song, I just starting speaking my words out loud, and soon enough, I had what I think is a pretty powerful poem. 

This is my poem; my own feminine strength and anthem.


She is woman, and that is enough.

She is woman



Gentle like a breeze

Strong like thunder

Constant like waves on the shore

She is complex as the world itself.


She knows who she is

What she wants

What she knows

Her values.

Her worth.


She knows how she stands in society

And how society thinks she stands

How society wants her to stand.


Her voice is purposeful

And firm

She is smart,

And won’t fit a mold.


She doesn’t need to be a nasty woman,

Or wear statement hats

To make a statement.


She doesn’t need to bear arms,

Or wear statement dresses

To make a statement.




She is woman,

And that is enough.


She won’t stand to be called

Horrible things,

And she won’t call others

Horrible things.


She walks arm in arm

With her sisters

As they are of the same blood.

She walks side by side

with her brothers

As they are of the same breath.


She is calm,

In the face of controversy

As she knows she is equal.

She is strong

In the shadow giants,

As she knows she is equal.

She fights for recognition

Among her race,

But she knows

With complete peace

The war for her sex has been won.


She can do whatever she pleases

Live however she chooses

And her heart breaks

For her sisters

That can’t.


She does not need to protest

To make her voice heard,

As she knows her whisper

Can cause ripples.


She is Mother Earth,

Life force,


She is mother,





She is woman,

And that is enough.


She needs no iconography

To be reminded of her power.

She needs no movement,

To be reminded

How far she’s come.


She needs no  anthems,

Or revolutionaries


Or songs

To feel equal

Or be equal.


She does not need

To defend herself,

Nor does she ask

For special treatment.

She simply says,

“I am human.

And that is enough.”


She is queen,

And man is king.

And like ying and yang,

She knows they rule.

She knows it is not

One above the other,

For superiority

Does not mean



She knows

Without man

She is useless,

And she knows her brothers

Need her to survive.


She is fierce

Like lightening,

And does not demand attention,

Like wild flowers.

She is powerful,

Like waterfalls,

And does fall when her world is shaken

Like redwoods.


She is feminine

When she needs to be,

And masculine

When she needs to be.

She is doctor,





She walks in the footprints

Of all the women before.

She stands in awe

Of their achievements,

And dreams of adding hers.

She knows what the past was,

And what the future can be

And she is not angered;

She is confident.


She is woman,

And that,

In all its splendor

And complexity,

All its interpretations

And judgements,

Is enough.


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