Conversation burn-out.

I have been thinking long and hard about whether or not I wanted to post this.  It may come across as being insensitive, or selfish, or maybe even ignorant.  But I have a feeling I’m not the only American that feels this way.

Last week, my college presented a symposium on “Inclusive Excellence”.  Classes were canceled for the day, and there were presentations throughout the day on a variety of topics, from gender and sexuality to free speech and religion.  Attendance wasn’t mandatory, but I attended a presentation on free speech. (I had to attend one session for a class assignment.)

woman-with-steam-coming-out-of-her-earsThough the session was good and informative, I came to a powerful revelation.

I’m burnt out from having these conversations. 

I’m tired of talking about gender and sexuality.  I’m tired of talking about immigration and DACA.  I’m tired of talking about race and skin color.  I’m tired of talking about feminism, (the completely misrepresented) pay gap, and women’s rights (including abortion).  I’m tired of talking about cultural appropriation.  I’m tired of talking about gun control.  I’m tired of talking about Title IX, and in a sense, sexual abuse/harassment/misconduct.  I’m tired of talking about sexism, extremism, racism, etc., etc., etc.

I’m tired of talking about these things, because nothing new is being added to the conversation.  I’m tired because it’s beginning to feel like society is beating a dead horse.  I’m tired because everything is getting redundant.

I’m tired of seeing the same headlines, same news stories, same quotes and comments by both politicians and celebrities.  I’m tired of people talking about these things with the intention to convert, not to understand.

I’m tired of being called “wrong”, “ignorant”, “racist/sexist/evil/etc.” because I don’t agree with the “mainstream” beliefs.  I’m tired of the current political and cultural atmosphere.  We’re talking in circles, and nothing is getting better.

I want to stress that these topics are important.  It’s important to address what’s happening in culture and society in order to fix the issues.  But all we’re doing is talking, and nothing is being fixed. (And don’t get me started on Hollywood and #TimesUp.  All but a few are hypocrites.)

The positions I hold on these topics, I hold because of my morals and beliefs, and how I understand the world.  Nothing but an act of God could convince me to change my mind on these topics.  6-or-9

That doesn’t mean, however, I’m against talking to someone, in order to understand their perspective.  I’m just tired of no one wanting to understand mine.

Apparently, attendance was low for the symposium this year.  The RA’s in my building stressed that it wasn’t a good thing attendance was low, and pointedly encouraged us to attend next year.  However, I don’t think the RA’s understand.  Chances are, attendance was low because people aren’t interested and because people are tired, just like me.

I want to stress here that just because I’m not interested in a college campus “Inclusive Excellence” symposium, doesn’t mean I don’t care about people.  I do care about people.  But I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or how you live your life.  (I mean, I care that you abide by the laws set in place by the American government.).

I don’t discriminate.  I don’t hate.  I try not to judge, and I try even harder not to treat you with any first impression judgments.  I don’t care what religion you ascribe to.  I don’t care what political party you agree with.  I don’t care laws you do or don’t support.  I don’t even care what you think about our current President.  I do start to care when your choices begin to affect my life.

I treat people with respect and dignity, and I work very hard to view every person as a beautiful creation handmade by God.

But I get very tired when people who don’t agree with me, generalize who I am, based on their perceptions of who people are that don’t agree with them.  (But then again, if someone isn’t willing to hear me out, they aren’t worth my time.)

All of this to say, that I’m tired.  And if I’m forced to engage in something that I have no interest in engaging with, I’m going to be even more disinterested and detached, and even less likely to engage in further conversations.

I wish the media, governmental officials, and even celebrities would wake up and realize that the American people are tired.  We, the every day, average American, are trying to improve our nation on an individual basis.  We are working to bring our communities together and build relationships with people we don’t agree with.  But any progress is halted when we get smacked upside the head with redundant and unhelpful headlines.

It’s important to be having conversations about the big topics, I totally understand and agree (especially in terms of sexual abuse).  But at what point does redundancy override action?  At what point does celebrity opinion override every day common sense?  At what point will things change?

What do you think?

Ciao for now,


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