What I’m Learning (College Edition)

I am a junior in college, but I have never lived on a college campus prior to this year.

And boy, am I learning some things.

  1. College students are gross, and rather inconsiderate. (I could tell you horror stories.)
  2. Procrastination creates stress. If you don’t work on projects until right before they are do, only you will deal with the consequences. (Case in point, one of my roommates had a 1000 word paper due last night at midnight.  She started it yesterday afternoon, and was still working on it way past midnight.)
  3. The “Freshman 15” is due to the choices you make. If you choose to have poor eating habits, and hardly exercise, you then in turn choose to gain the weight. (For the record, I haven’t gained any weight this semester, and if I have recently, it’s due to Thanksgiving. I’m speaking for several other people I know.)
  4. Being in college means you are self-motivated and determined. Why else would you be pushing your way through a degree? But if you rely on other people for motivation, and aren’t too concerned with when you are graduating or even if you don’t work hard, then your degree must not mean that much to you.
  5. College is for exploring new ideas, and challenging held beliefs. If you refuse to be challenged, you are missing out on personal growth, and great experiences.
  6. Your finances should be important to you. (I am personally paying off my school loans, so I am very aware of the money I need for that, and how the loans affect my personal finances. I do not plan on having the loans for more than three years after I graduate, and am spending my money accordingly. I know many people who aren’t concerned with their loans, and are content to add more and more to it. That mindset stresses me out.)
  7. Not everything that worked for you in high school will work in college. You will need to change study habits in order to succeed.
  8. In reality, grades and GPA aren’t all that important. (Don’t worry, Mom, I’m doing my best to get the best grades I can!) But I’m learning that grad schools and even potential employers care more about experience and abilities, than textbook knowledge.
  9. College is what you make it. You don’t have to party, and procrastinate, and sleep around, to have an enjoyable time at school. If you want to stay in your room and watch Netflix, go for it. If you want to spend time at the gym, go for it. If you want to party and sleep around and procrastinate, go for it (though I greatly advise against). You create the life you want.
  10. Living in a dorm with other people should make you aware of how your personal living habits interact with others. I’ve noticed that I’m more aware of my clutter and messes when I go home, than I was before I want to school. (However, I know several people who haven’t seemed to grasp this concept. I could tell you horror stories.)
  11. Communication with the people you are living with, is so importnat. If you want an enjoyable semester, not only do you need to be open and willing to learn from each other, but you need to communicate in order to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.
  12. Being at college is an opportunity for growth and maturity.  Being forced to “adult”, and take care of your appointments, assignments, and responsibilities prepares you for the “real world”.  Also, being optimistic about life makes growing and maturing easier (and helps maintain sanity).
  13. It is okay for call home, or even go home for the weekend.  Your family is your support.  Just because you are at college, doesn’t mean you need to do this alone.

If you are in college, what are you learning?  If you’ve already graduated, what did you learn?

Ciao for now,



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