Little Thoughts: Good and evil

On my college campus right now, there are little phrases written everywhere such as “love conquers all” and “keep the peace”, and other similar things.  (The first of these I’m aiming to write a post on in the near future.) I believe these were written as a response to Sunday night’s horrific events in Las Vegas.

I won’t deny the evilness of this situation, the devastation to heartbroken families, or the shock felt around the nation.  But what I will deny is that our nation is just sitting by, not doing anything.  I will that deny that goodness isn’t prevailing.  I will deny that race and politics are more paramount than human beings, and that instinctual desire to help others in life or death moments only applies to people we agree with.

I’m not seeing a nation wallowing in pity and heart break and hopelessness.  I’m not seeing a nation pointing fingers at the other political sides.  I’m not seeing a nation further splitting apart.  I’m not seeing a nation so concerned about politics that they aren’t bothering to help their fellow Americans in need.


I see a nation rising up, to help and to provide aide.  I’m seeing a nation reaching out to support others, regardless of religion, race, sex, or age.  I’m hearing story after story of people protecting strangers during the shower of gunshots.  Just look to Love What Matters, to see that goodness is prevailing.  Just Google Las Vegas right now, and automatic instructions pop up with directions to donate blood for the victims.  I’m seeing lines upon lines of people waiting to donate blood.  I’m seeing people rallying together, to work together, and to save people.  I’m seeing heroes everywhere.

But that’s not all.

In terms of recovery from the three recent hurricanes, beautiful people are still giving their time and money to help these displaced people recover.  (If I wasn’t in school right now, I’d be down in Texas, or Florida, or Puerto Rico in a heartbeat to help.  But that’s beside the point.) There were stories of people sleeping very little, in order help as many people as possible.  People in northern states left what they were doing in their lives to provide aide in whatever way they could, and help other people regain their lives.  I saw picture after picture of people rescuing others, despite race, age, politics, or religion.

In reflection, I’m choosing to believe, though the last two months have been rather intense, God is working things out for the good of the nation.  I’m choosing to believe that maybe, just maybe, these horrific and devastating events are working to bring our nation back from the brink of a second civil war.  I’m choosing to believe that these events will inspire collective patriotism and will help strengthen the bonds between Americans,

I’m choosing to believe that heroes are real, and all around.  They don’t all wear capes, or badges, or carry guns, or defend our country.  Some have cars packed with food to take to people devastated from hurricanes.  Some stand in lines all day to donate blood to save lives.  Some run through a flurry of bullets to tend to those wounded and help others to safety, not stopping for one moment to think about their own lives.

Don’t tell me we have no power against evil.  I will not believe you.

Evil intentions are powerful and terrifying.  But good people are more powerful and more enduring.

Evil may have us shocked and scared.  But the power of good will have the last word.





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