Collection of Beautiful Things VI

I’m beginning to get the hang of this whole “living on campus” thing.  It was a doozy there for a bit; but I’ve settled into this new time in my life.  And if I’m being really honest, I like this new sense of determination I have, and this new drive to become a true functioning adult.

The first couple of weeks have been crazy stressful. An updated transcript was never sent to this school, so a large portion of my credits didn’t transfer.  (That was fun, but totally fixed now.)  When I came for New Student Advising Day last spring, I was never scheduled for a Language Placement Test, so when I looked at the classes I had left to complete for my degree, I was unable to access the language classes required to graduate.  (That was also fun, but also fixed.) *Side note: guess who did well enough on the placement test to get placed in the second level of Introductory Spanish, after not taking Spanish for seven years … thank you, three years of Italian in high school.*  I had to add another class to my schedule, the day after it had started, and thus I had to work hard to catch up. (That was really scary, but it’s all worked out now.)  And finally, on top of all of that, my car had an airbag that was recalled and could have been a projectile if I was in an accident, and it currently has a tire that has nail deeply embedded in it, and could be flat at any moment.


But it’s not all been crazy, I promise! My roommates and I are getting along, and I rather like them.  I’ve joined a Swing Dance club, the Creative Writing Group, the Outdoors Club, a group for kids with Disabilities, and the weekly Christian group.  I get to dissect a sheep’s brain next week, and I’m so excited!  And finally, (probably my favorite part so far) I’ve put my name on the list for a study abroad opportunity, for a five week class in Perugia Italy in the summer!  This class is about the philosophy of food, and seriously, how much fun does that sound like? And, I get to pick another class and one of the options available is “History of Art in Italy”Somebody pinch me …… I must be dreaming.

(There is a lot I have to say about college, particular from the aspect of transferring from a community college without dorms, to living on campus.  But I’m saving that for another time.)

In all of this self-growth and discovery and good attitudes, I would be remiss to acknowledge the horrible devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and some political statements and issues made recently, such as these pictures showing up on my Facebook newsfeed:

I may be at college, feeling like I’m in a safe bubble, separate from the outside world, but the world keeps turning and revolving ever still.

But this post is a “Collection of Beautiful Things” for a reason.  I’m choosing to remind myself of the beautiful things around me, and to be happy.  I am getting my Bachelor’s Degree.  I’m joining clubs I enjoy.  I’m growing, and learning, and really enjoying my classes.  My future is bright and beautiful before me.

And there are always beautiful things to see.



And this …

Image result for hurricane harvey heros


And this ….

Love What Matters added 9 new photos.“Here I am, walking on the block with our Wilmington Police Department… you see, no one reports that officers are so close to the community that they let the girls braid their hair after joking that they wouldn’t! They don’t report on the genuinely real and sincere moments when Lieutenant Daniel Selekman (who by the way didn’t want me to post the football pics-probably because he kept throwing ‘wounded ducks’🤣❤️✊🏽) is throwing a ball with some boys, just because. So let’s flood Facebook with positivity and love because the news journal is reporting on the violence and gun violence issues… and people really begin to believe that, that is all that we have in Wilmo. Truth is, it’s not. What we have more of is love and caring.”
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, tree and outdoor
And ….
Image may contain: text
And this ….
In the midst of the devastation from these hurricanes, there is still beauty everywhere.  As Anne Frank said, “Think of all the beauty left still around and be happy.”
God is good.  People are good.  Life is beautiful.
Ciao for now,
(P.S. For one of my classes, we’re studying Religious Literacy, and I am interested in seeing how much people know about other religions.  If you’re interested, here’s the survey: Religious Literacy.  Thanks!!)

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