“Plain Gold Ring”

I apologize that I’ve been rather absent recently.  I had spring break a couple of weeks ago, and all I did was watch movies all day.  (I haven’t done that in so long, so don’t judge me.). Plus, I’m working on several projects that are taking up a lot of time, and are frustrating me a little bit.  Also, as evident from my post about an hour ago, I’m only about 400 pages from finished Les Miserable, and all I want to do is finish it. (Four hundred pages may seem like a lot, but after 1000 pages, this is the easy part.)

In this bit of free time before bed, I wanted to do a quick little musical study/analysis.  I love good music (I hope that’s obvious), and I love it even more when my favorite artists piggyback off of each other.  Last night, I heard Laura Mvula cover a song which I heard for the first time from Kimbra, which she in turned covered from Nina Simone.  Sounds kinda like “cover-ception”doesn’t?  But let me just tell you, each of these three artists interpret this song in three different, yet still incredible ways, and I’m just in awe.

The original by the incredible Nina Simone

I love Nina Simone.  She is incredible.  Her low, husky, emotional voice is so poignant.  My all-time favorite song from her is “Feelin’ Good“.  I also have one record from her, and I just want all of them.  I would have loved to have seen her perform.  This song, though, sung in her slow and emotional style, is haunting.  There is something wild in the emotion is this song.  It paints the image of painful resignation, and incredible heartbreak. It’s gentle yet impassioned, pained yet understanding.  It’s beautiful and heartbroken.

Kimbra’s cover

This is how I heard the song for the very first time.  I remember driving to work, listening to Kimbra’s first album Vows for the first time, and being so totally mesmerized and captivated during this song.  I’ve said it before, but Kimbra is just incredible. (Like seriously, just listen to those vocals!)  Her take on this song is passionate and heartbroken and almost aggressive.  It’s a bolder and more colorful.  And the fact Kimbra is so obviously captured by this song, adds to the emotion.

Laura Mvula’s cover

I’ve been listening to Laura for several years now, and have almost always considered her a modern Nina Simone.  Her emotion and the way she hits certain notes is so reminiscent of Nina.  I heard this cover for the first time last night, and holy goosebumps.  Her cover, I feel, straddles the differences between the original and Kimbra’s.  It’s emotional and passionate and vibrant, but still calm and gentle and subtle.

While Kimbra presents an image of passionate (or even aggressive) heartache, Laura echoes the original sentiment of resignation.  But I feel both covers compliment the original so well.  I love that two of my favorite artists have both covered a song from another of my favorite singers.  My heart (and ears) are feeling rather spoiled.

*I quite liked doing this musical study/analysis.  I think it would be fun to do others in the future (should the opportunity present itself).  What do you think?  Do you like these songs/covers?*

Ciao for now,


(P.S. For one of my classes this semester, I am required to conduct a research experiment/study.  I am designing my study in the form of a survey.  I think it would be really cool to have you guys be a part of my research (but please do not feel obligated!).  If you are interested, the only stipulation is that you be an American citizen (sorry, but my topic is relevant to Americans.  So, if this is something you are interested in, please shoot me an email at fidelisdiem@gmail.com and I will send you the info. Thanks!! 🙂 )

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