Days of Cheer: My Favorite Things

I know this blog series is about my favorite things during the holidays.  But in writing about my favorite big things, I’m missing the little things.  And as my family and I were sitting around the Christmas tree this evening after the Christmas Eve service, I realized that I love the little things more than the big.  And really, I think life is more about the little things, than the big.

-I love how the house feels all light up in the evening, all calm and serene, and very atmospheric.

-I love the anticipation of the biggest holiday of the year, coupled with the end of the year.

-I love Christmas songs, especially religious ones, played beautifully on the piano.

-I love watching Christmas movies together with my family.

-I love the smell of Christmas trees, and candles that smell like them.

-I love how the house smells when my mom is baking delicious things.

-I love picking out gifts for my family, and seeing their reactions on Christmas morning.

-I love candy canes, gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, and holidays chocolates and treats.

-I love all of the traditions my family has for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and every day in between.

-I love all the food that only comes out at Christmas time. From cookies to meals, it’s been waited for the whole year.

-I love the candlelight service at my church, and how beautiful it always feels.

-I love how my church always sets out luminaries on Christmas Eve, and I love how welcoming the road to the church looks.

-I love how joy and happiness and love fills the air, especially at family gatherings.

I think there are a great many beautiful, wonderful things year-round.  But at Christmas, it seems the world is just simply breath-taking.  Because, no matter how scary the world may seem, there is always something good and beautiful to be excited about.

(Photo credit: Diana Shaffer Photography)

What are some of your favorite things during the Christmas season?

Ciao for now,


Merry Christmas! Xx

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