Days of Cheer: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

One of my family’s favorite type of Christmas music to listen to is rockabilly.  It’s the perfect party, decorating, or even hanging out music.  Plus, I know the basics of swing dancing, so I’m always trying to swing dance to these songs.

A few years ago, my family had the chance to see Brian Setzer perform his holiday concert.  That was a heck of a lot of fun!  Though I’m a firm believer that traditional religious Christmas carols should be quiet and peaceful and reverent, I think secular carols should always be jazzy and performed with rockabilly energy.

Just last year, my family and I discovered Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. My momma even blogged about them for her count-down last year.  And just like she said, I dare you to sit still.  It’s practically impossible!

Here’s my favorite of their Christmas songs, Heatmiser:

Ciao for now (and I promise, with finals finally over, I will be so much more consistent! Cool things are yet to come, I promise you!)


Happy Holidays! Xx

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