Days of Cheer: John Michael Talbot, and Linus and Lucy

The past two days for me have been long days with work and school and other adult responsibilities.  And though I really wanted to blog, it wasn’t at the top of my priorities.

Tomorrow starts finals week for me.  I’m so ready for the semester to be over, and the bad thing is, I’m pretty much already in vacation mode.  But I figured, what better why to motivate myself, than to blog about Christmas? (Here’s to hoping it works!)

“The Birth of Jesus” by John Michael Talbot

I grew up listening to this song during Christmas time.  I was always so enraptured with the historical sounds of the songs.  If there is one time period I could go back to for Christmas, it would be the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  Christmas has always seemed timeless, in the way that this basic concept of Christ’s birth, has persisted for thousands of years.  And I think this song, and the whole album capture that beautifully.


Linus and Lucy

What is Christmas without the Peanuts?  Though I may not watch A Charlie Brown Christmas every year, I listen to Vince Guaraldi’s trio A Charlie Brown Christmas album quite often.  There’s just something quite nostalgic about the whole album.  Again, what is Christmas without the Peanuts, and Linus and Lucy?


(You’ll probably see another post from me today, as this “no motivation” is apparently bone deep.)

Ciao for now,


Happy Holidays! Xx

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