Days of Cheer: Christmas Tree

This evening, my family and I decorated our Christmas tree.  That has always been one of my most favorite things during Christmas.  I’ve always loved the smell of pine trees; it soothes some part of my soul.  I think there’s something really timeless about it too, like every Christmas through time is wrapped in this gentle smell.

After we decorated our tree, my family and I just sat, basking in the wonderful Christmas atmosphere.  We turned all the lights off except for the Christmas tree and other Christmas lights.  We had Christmas music playing in the background.  It was gentle and peaceful and beautiful.

20161207_22450620161207_22535820161207_22472620161207_22464520161207_224529*These were taken with my phone camera, so I’m sorry for the bad-ish quality.*

Ciao for now,


Happy Holidays! Xx

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