broadchurchOne of my most favorite TV shows of all time is Broadchurch.  I love everything about it.  It hurts to watch, but leaves your soul forever touched.

Broadchurch is a crime show, but so very different from the popular crime shows, such as Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones, etc.  Instead being enraptured with the procedures and sometimes preposterous plot lines, Broadchurch focuses on one town and family.  It focuses on the ripple effect from the murder, and how it turns friends and family members against each other.  This show is gritty, not just for grittiness’ sake.  It’s so emotionally and logically real, and so it’s gritty because life is gritty.

This show tells the story of the Latimer family: Mark, Beth, Chloe, and Daniel.  The first broadchurch_latimerfamilyseason starts as the murder is being discovered, and the family is finding out.  The rest of the season is dedicated to figuring out what happened, and arresting the person responsible.  The second season, though less kid-friendly, speaks of so much hope and healing.  This family is a living breathing story, made tangibly real by the marvelous actors.

I first knew about this show because David Tennant is one of my favorite actors, and at least two other characters are played by actors who were in Doctor Who.  Also, the guy who plays Mark Latimer was St. John in my favorite version of Jan Eye.  However, this show goes above and beyond anything that these actors have ever done before.  David Tenant’s brooding detective is miles from his goofy Tenth Doctor, and personally, DI Hardy is my favorite character David has ever been.  Be warned, David Tennant speaks in his true Scottish accent, so sometimes it is just a bit tricky to understand. Oh, and I can’t forget Olivia Coleman, either.  I had no idea who she was before watching this show, but this woman is an incredible powerhouse.  Olivia (Detective Ellie Miller) is probably the strongest character on the show, and probably my favorite.  Her character arc is spectacular.

It should be noted this isn’t really a show for kids, for no other reason than it addresses real life.  Drugs, suicide, affairs, and abuse are addressed, in a gentle way of course.  The second season focuses on a double murder, sex, the nastiness of the legal system, same-sex attraction, and pure venomous hatred.  I don’t think anyone under fourteen or fifteen should watch it, but that’s just my perspective.

jurassic-coast-worldHave I said yet that this show hurts to watch?  Broadchurch hurts.  It makes feelings of hopelessness, sadness, broken-heartedness, anger, fear, frustration, love, and hope so real and passionate.  The cinematography and music add to the emotional tension as well.  The music is composed by the incredible Ólafur Arnolds and is heart-stoppingly, emotionally, beautiful.  The way the show is filmed is gentle, and poignant, and full of twists and turns.  And because the show is set in Dorset, right at the famous Jurassic Coast cliffs, there is this incredible sense real-life peril.

This show is beautiful and wonderful and I think you should go watch it.  The third, and final, season is currently being filmed and will air in England sometime in 2017.  Because I am an American fangirl, I have to wait that much longer to see it.  I can’t wait.

Broadchurch physically takes your breath away.

Ciao for now,


(P.S. Here’s the trailer for season one.  Then, when you’re ready, here’s the one for season two, but be warned: it contains spoilers if you haven’t seen the first season.  And here is the very first little glimpse of season three.)

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