Over the weekend something powerful happened.  If I had known about it sooner, I would have gathered a group of friends, and we would have participated.

In 300 cities and 40 countries around the world, people gathered and walked.  They walked maxresdefault.jpgin a single file line, dressed all in black and with a single piece of back tape over their mouths.

They were walking to spread awareness about slavery.

This event was hosted and organized by A21.  A21 is a group dedicated to abolishing slavery in the twenty-first century.   It’s headed by one of my most favorite people in the whole world: Christine Caine.  I had the incredible honor of hearing her speak about a year ago, and her passion for ending slavery is beautifully tangible.

Awhile ago, I wrote a post titled The Irony of Porn Hub.  That post details the dirty and disgusting facts of the sex industry.  I will forever fight against this industry, and against sex slavery.  Though I am more adamant about sex slavery, there are other forms of slavery, which are just as horrific.

-68% of those in slavery are forced into labor. (Walk Free)

-Close to every third of those enslaved is a child. (Walk Free)

-In Haiti, child slaves are restaveks, and one in fifteen children is a restavek. (Restavek Freedom)

– “According to the U.S. Department of State’s 2007 Trafficking in Persons report, there are 800,000 people trafficked across international borders every year; 80 percent of those victims being female. Even more shocking is the fact that 50 percent of these people are children under the age of 18. These victims live within 161 different countries.” (The Borgen Project)

-The average price of a slave is $90. (Anka Rising)

-Compared to the 4 million slaves in the US in the 1800’s, there are currently  47 million around the world. (Thought Catalog)

-65.8% of slaves are in the Asian Pacific region–where a good portion of our clothes are made. (Thought Catalog)

-There are at least 6 types of slavery, affecting men, women, and children. (End Slavery Now)

-1-2% of victims are ever rescued. (A21)

-60,100 people are enslaved in the US today. (End It)

These are just a few harrowing figures.  Slavery is quickly becoming the world’s largest criminal enterprise.

I would love to see slavery abolished in my lifetime.  With awareness and action, we can fight this evil.

I will do all I can to be a part of next year’s Walk for Freedom so others can live free.  Will you?



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