Collection of Beautiful Things (III)

I made myself rather worked up this morning.  On Facebook, I read a woman’s response to the comments made by Mr. Trump.  I totally agreed with her, and I wanted to write my own response to those comments.  I was really to the point of sitting down and writing an open letter to Mr. Trump.  It was going to be an emotional, insulting, and an incredibly bold post.  Then I remembered, not a day after those comments were released, I wrote More than.  I wasn’t even thinking about Mr. Trump’s comments about women when I wrote it.  And I think, that post itself is a big enough statement against any degrading comments.

I thought, instead of writing a post about how angry and upset I am, why not focus on the beautiful things still around me, and be happy?  This election and political season is a freaking mess, and I need some pretty things to remind me of the goodness of the world.

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride (I could talk about how wonderful this movie for a very long time)

-This incredible magician:screenshot_2015-11-19-13-36-49

My Father’s Favorite from Sense and Sensibility

Amazing Grace performed with bagpipes

-This incredible moment:Screenshot_2016-07-26-12-48-26.png

-Sleeping with the windows open, and waking in a chilly room and warm sheets

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Ashokan Farewell (such a beautiful song to remember the Civil War)

-This example of appreciation of beauty: (America, why don’t we do this to see the stars?)screenshot_2016-10-01-08-59-29

-Petrichor, which is the smell of earth after is rains

-This vase I made with tissue paper on a glass bottle:


Lingus by Sparky Puppy

These are just a few things that help to keep me sane is all of the nastiness going on.  I hope some of them reminded you of the goodness in this world.

Ciao for now,


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