Into the Storm

Trump: was just endorsed by Ted Cruz

Clinton: Parkinson’s/pneumonia

Charlotte: continued protests, though no longer violent

Aleppo: 2 million people without water and unequipped hospitals

I don’t know about you, but this world seems scarier and more heartbreaking each day.  Seeing families bleeding and dying in Aleppo makes me cry.  The rioting and hatred in Charlotte and other hurting cities makes me afraid.  And with this upcoming election, I think I echo fellow Americans when I say I don’t want either candidate in the White House.  Both options will wreck havoc, and will not go quietly should they lose.

With all of this bad going on, it feels like a big, all-consuming storm is brewing.  Like something big and terrifying is looming on the horizon.  Like all of this, this evil and hatred and fear, is going to culminate into a world-wide terrifying event.

And I get the feeling, with the ever increasing pre-storm winds, this could be a doozie.  It could shake the whole core of the world.   And honestly, I’m very afraid.

Every Tuesday night I go to a local young adult worship center with some good friends.  We get to worship God as a collective generation and feel inspired and encouraged by a powerful sermon.  Every Tuesday I am reminded of just how real and alive my God is.  Currently, we are in the middle of a set of sermons titled “Shipwrecked: When the Ship Goes Down”.  We’re focusing on Acts 27, specifically when Paul gets shipwrecked on his way to Rome.

For those of you that don’t know this story, let me briefly summarize: At this time in Paul’s ministry, he is being held prisoner and charged because of fabricated claims.  While being held he continued to minister to the people around him and God tells him that he will minister in Rome as well.  Fast forward a couple of events, and Paul is on a ship bound for Rome to appeal to Caesar.  While on the ship, he can tell a storm is approaching.  He tells the people he’s with, but no one listens to him.  When the storm hits, the ship is tossed for many days.  Eventually, God tells Paul that, unless they “run aground on some island”, the ship will be destroyed and everyone on board will die.  *Spoiler: everyone survives and Paul gets to Rome safely.*

In the midst of the storm, Paul did not doubt God’s plan to get him to Rome.  With every screenshot_2016-07-19-15-02-03reason to be afraid, Paul stood firm in his faith.

This was the theme this last Tuesday, that when we know the ship is going down and we are being ravaged by a storm, we can stand in fear or we can walk in faith.

With this storm coming, I know something is going down.  Be it America, or our government, or the world as we know it, a ship is going down.  Ships are going down all over the world, and I think it’s naïve to think the country we live in is untouchable.

Have I said I’m afraid yet? Because I am.  I’m worried and scared and finding it hard to be hopeful.

But I have faith. I have faith in my God and what He has said He will do.  What He has planned, He will finish.  In the midst of big waves and dark skies, God is ever constant and solid.  He has proven to me time and time again that He is in control, and that I should not fear.

Everyday I choose to walk in faith, and not fear.  When there’s fear, there’s room for doubt and the Devil.  And I will not let the Devil claim my mind and fill it with insecurities and “what if’s” or “should have’s”.  I will walk in faith, even when everything around me seems to crumble and fall.

And besides, God most certainly said life would not be easy and smooth sailing.  If we had no reason to fear, would we have a reason to have faith?

When we give in to fear, we will fall to the depths.  There have been times in my life where I was afraid when a storm came.  I walked more in fear than I did in faith.  I survived, but what would my life look like if I had walked totally in faith, trusting completely in God?  There have also been times where storms couldn’t shake my faith, and those are some of my favorite stories to tell.

With this upcoming election, and increased fear and hatred worldwide, I will walk in faith.  I will not let the fear of the unknown ravage my faith in God.  This storm will have nothing on me.

Will fear take you to the depths, or will you stand in faith?ludolf_bakhuizen_-_ships_running_aground_in_a_storm_-_wga01131

Ciao for now,


2 thoughts on “Into the Storm

  1. Excellent refocus. And you have put into words what many are struggling through as they watch the “madness” going on in USA. I encourage you to keep focusing on Him who is constant and steady, only God will get us through as you expressed so well here. Blessings.


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