Collection of beautiful things

There was just a bombing in Turkey yesterday.  At least 51 people were killed, and it is believed the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber between 12 and 14 years old.  {Please see here and similar websites for more information.}

My heart breaks for this world.

I think it’s very hard not to let all the violence and hatred and anger weigh us down.  The anguish is on every newspaper, and it’s beginning to feel like the world is falling apart.

I try to surround myself with positive, uplifting, beautiful things everyday; things that remind me of the beauty still in the mess of ugliness in this world.  There is a wonderful quote from Anne Frank that I hold very close to my heart:


So, I wanted to share my collection of beautiful things.  Things that remind me to breathe in beauty.  I firmly believe beauty is good for the soul, just as evilness is bad for the soul.  These are only a few of my beautiful things.  My collection is wonderfully extensive.


This hangs by my bed, and I see it every morning and every night. 



This was my great-grandmother’s, and she kept her love letters locked in here.  I think that makes this wooden box even more wonderful.


I purchased these while antiquing and I am such a sucker from cameos.  They’re porcelain too, I believe.


I think everyone could benefit from these words.


The detailing on this box just amazes me.


My most recent antique purchase.  I love old books, and I’m pretty much smitten with the painting.


How do you remind yourself of the beauty in this world?  What are some of the pieces in your collection of beautiful things?

Ciao for now,




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