My kind of music

Because it’s summer, there’s a perpetual stream of upbeat, summer-esque songs on the radio.  Some are dubbed ‘Biggest Song of the Summer’.  Others are repeat favorites.  None are my cup of tea.

Now, I don’t want to seem as if I am bashing modern, popular music.  But as a musician myself, I crave true, pure talent.  Paul Joseph Watson, a rather prominent YouTuber, put out this video, which goes into great detail explaining how popular music has gotten so ‘dumb’.  One study Watson addresses even goes so far as to conclude that pop music today is written at a third grade reading level.  I’m currently trying to read the complete, unabridged Les Misèrables (my version is almost 1500 pages), so obviously, I function at a much higher lever than third grade.

That all being said, when I want to listen to music, I seek out music with substance.  Music that touches some part of my soul and makes me feel something.  When I’m not listening to the local Christian radio station, or my Contemporary Christian Pandora, I surround myself with pure, real, good, music (in my own opinion).

Like ……

Laura Mvula

She is a classically trained composer, so her music is decadent and beautiful and haunting.

My favorites: Green Garden, That’s Alright, She, Phenomenal Woman

Carbon Leaf

This band is a beautiful fusion of poetry, folk, Celtic, rock, and poignancy.  I had the awesome opportunity to see them concert, and it was fantastic.

My favorites: Life Less OrdinaryLake of Silver Bells, Let Your Troubles Roll By, What About Everything (and a whole lot more)

Ray Lamontagne

He is basically coffee house music, but his raspy whisper pulls at my heartstrings.

My favorites: Hold You in My Arms, Trouble, Burn, Jolene

Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive is blues, jazz, soul; everything I love.  Last summer, they performed at a local park, and let me tell you what: it was incredible.

My favorites: I Want You Back, Better Than, What About Me, Just Ask


Her music is electronic, but so textually dense.  There is so much in her songs, that I have to listen to each many times to feel like I grasp the whole thing.

My favorites: Plain Gold Ring, Come Into My Head, As You Are, Goldmine

Valerie June

She is a combination of bluegrass and jazz.  Her music makes me think of open dirt roads, and the southwest.

My favorites: Working Woman Blues, Tennessee Time, Somebody to Love, On My Way


She is my newest obsession.  Her voice is rather reminiscent of the Cranberries.  I can’t even really explain her music, other than haunting and powerful.

My favorites: Runaway, Running with the Wolves, Warrior, Through the Eyes of a Child

And, of course, Postmodern Jukebox

They take popular songs and make them really cool-either through jazz, blues, soul, whatever.

My favorites: All About That Bass, Sweet Child of Mine, You Give Love a Bad Name, Stone Cold

I also enjoy all kinds of world music (Native American, Celtic, Chinese, Island, etc.). I’m a big fan of music that exposes me to more than a generic beat and simple words.   Artists and groups that are different and complex … yeah, that’s my kinds of music.

Ciao for now,



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