To my parents.

Mom and Dad,

Happy 24th anniversary!

One of the things I love about growing up is I become aware of how much you love each other. The older I get, the more I see it, and the more it makes me happy.

It is so obvious to me how much you guys love each other. It is so tangible and beautiful. Watching you has taught me what a loving, respectful, fun, marriage should look like. You are truly each other’s best friend, and I love seeing that.

I feel so blessed to have parents who love each other as much as you do. Before you left for your anniversary get-away, I remember I said something like “Don’t have too much fun.”. You looked at each other, giggled, and said “Oh it’ll be fun the moment we get in the car.”. You like having fun together. From listening (and dancing) to good, fun music, to sitting on the porch late at night talking, to going on adventures together, you enjoy being with each other. In a world where many parents get divorced or are separated, this is beautiful.

You guys love to travel, be it to another state or another country. I’m so jealous you’ve been to Key West and St. John without us. But the fact you put such an emphasis on traveling and seeing the world has inspired Mark, Aaron, and I to want to travel and see the world. You encouraged me when I went to Europe. You supported Mark when he went to Ireland. I know when Aaron’s time comes, you will encourage him as well. You’ve taken us all over (and out of) the country, and encourage us to learn about more than our own little corner of the world. Becuase of traveling, you’ve awakaned a wanderlust in me, which I am totally okay with.

The way you lean on God, and trust Him is evident in the way you love and respect each other. 1 Corinthians 13:4 is so evident in your relationship. You place God at the center of your relationship, and at the center of our family. You encourage conversations about God, deep thoughts about theology, and a lot more. Your trust and faith in God has guided our family in times of worry, stress, fear, and incredible joy. Also, becuase you guys love God, your passion for helping others has seeped into our family. Sponsoring a Compassion child, helping at the local mission, taking meals to people, and giving time and money to help others are just a few examples of how you praise and love of the Lord. I love that Mark, Aaron, and I are included in this praise.

Your anniversary is the time to reflect on you as a couple, and the beauty of your love. But today, I just felt so blessed and honored to have parents like you. Parents who love each other completely, and without end. Parents who respect, understand, appreciate, and support the other. Parents whose love trickles into our family, providing my brothers and I with the example of a Godly relationship and marrige. I am so thankful for that, and you.

Mom and Dad, I love you, and hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Thank you for all you do for our family. But mostly, thank you for how you love each other.

Love, Julia

(P.S. Every love story is beautiful, but I’m a little biased … I think yours is the best.) 🙂


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