Four Years Ago ….

I’m a day late, but on June 24 2012, I left for a three week tour through eastern Europe.  I traveled with a group called American Music Abroad, which is the musical form of the ‘People to People’ organization.  I was in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and I spent a few hours in Slovakia.  I got lost on a mountain in Austria, learned how to Viennese Waltz, rode a dinner cruise on the Elbe River through Prague, spent a morning in Dacha Concentration camp, and much more.

It has been four years, and it feels like a dream.  Someday, I want to go back.  I’m rather smitten with Salzburg, Dinklesbühl, and Old Town Dresden.

“The hills are alive with the sound of music…….”


Beethoven’s grave, Vienna, Austria



Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria (home of Maria Theresa and young Marie Antoinette)



Do-Re-Mi steps, Salzburg, Austria (the very ones Julie Andrews danced on in The Sound of Music)



View from the Autobahn



View of the Austrian Alps



Poster hanging in one of the towns advertising our concert



View from hiking path (the one on which I got lost)



Fallen roses in Dinklesbühl, Germany



Zwinger, Old Town Dresden, Germany



Prague castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, from the Elbe River, Prague, Czech Republic

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