‘What one eye-opening expereince should every person have?’

One of my favorite Christmas presents this past year is a little book called Chew on Life’s Big Questions by a little company called SoulPancake. This company was co-created by a little actor, Rainn Wilson, otherwise known as Dwight Schrute from the American version of ‘The Office’. I love the fact that someone who played such an annoying character on TV has such a philosophical mind and pursues the genuine parts of humanity.

I am big into asking, and talking about big questions. I think this is something that is really important. I feel conversation nowadays has become very shallow, and not very thought-provoking. And so I love this book because it makes me think.

I have a journal where I process through each question in the book. It’s a challenge, but I love it. I’m going through the book in no particular order, and I think that’s the exciting part; just opening the book to a random page, and mulling over the question on that page. But since I got the book, there has been a question that I keep thinking about. I think it’s one of my favorite questions because all of the responses it conjures up in my mind.

What one eye-opening experience should every person have?

Initially, I only thought of one experience. But as the months have gone by, I keep thinking of more. I don’t think there is one singular eye- opening experience everyone should have. There are many.

Like ……

  • Traveling to another country (or countries)
  • Learning how other people see you
  • Having your pride and ego checked
  • Being independent for the first time
  • Being alone for a period of time
  • Being challenged by opposing viewpoints and perspectives
  • Learning that ignorance can’t be used as an excuse after a certain point
  • Persevering when all you want to do is quit
  • Re-reading your favorite book more than once
  • Reading religious texts that aren’t part of your religion
  • Recognizing and being able to name your flaws
  • Doing something wild and beautifully impulsive (within reason, of course)
  • Being made aware of the horrors of history and around the world
  • Finding something you’re passionate about
  • Discovering your ancestry, and the stories that go along with it
  • Being truly loved after heartbreak and heartache
  • Moving forward from a bad mistake
  • Being challenged past what you thought you could handle
  • Experiencing life (and worship) in a third-world country
  • Reading good, powerful books like The Color Purple and Fahrenheit 451
  • Traveling in general, be it to another country or just another county (getting out and exploring places that are outside your small corner of the world is so important)
  • Struggling to meet and/or not meeting expectations

These are some of the things I think everyone should experience, wondrous eye-opening things. I have dealt with a good portion of them, and they have truly been eye-opening experiences.

What do you think are some eye-opening experiences every person should experience in their life?

Ciao for now,


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