What is Fidelis Diem?

In Latin, this translates to ‘faithful day’.  This is kind of my anthem.  My mantra.  My song.

I am an explorer and wonderer.  I question and pursue.  I want to understand.  And I long for the day when conversation is no longer technologically centered.

Fidelis Diem is my mission.  To bring back intelligent, tolerant conversations.  To ask for and long for unbiased truth.  To pursue the wildness of uniqueness and untamable curiosity.  To ask questions that require thought, not Google.  To challenge a generation of mindless numbness.  To stimulate world changers.

I hope this little corner of public space will explore hard ideas.  I hope it will challenge ideas.  I hope it will spread awareness, provide new perspectives.  I hope this little space adds more spice to the redundancy of everyday life.

Maybe I wanted to create this space because I am frustrated by the lack of depth in my normal life.  Maybe I wanted to challenge because I am confused.  Maybe because I feel bold in my words.  Maybe because I am sick of the superficiality I see and long for something genuine.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I am not sure why this phrase and idea pulled at my heart the way it did.  Is it God, pushing me out of my comfort and norm?  Or is it my own desire for change?

Whatever the reason, this is Fidelis Diem.

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.”

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